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Dec 5

Revolution, The Story of the Early Churchby Gene Edwards

Revolution covers the story of the church from A.D. 30-47. The author wrote this book in 1974 during the Jesus movement. It is the most widely- read book on the earliest days of first-century Christians.

The story opens on the Day of Pentecost at 4 a.m. The priests had begun observing the rituals of this yearly festival.

From there, the story takes readers through virtually every day and/or event to the spring of the year 47. It closes with Paul leaving on his first church planting journey.

From the beginning and throughout the story, the author repeatedly asks the reader one question:

“Does this look like today’s Christianity?”

If you want to see what today’s Christianity is, in contrast to the earliest years of the church, this is your book. If you are content with today’s practice of Christianity, this is definitely not the book for you.

Revolution,The Story of the Early Church is the most complete reconstruction of the earliest days of the ekklesia. Its content has never been equaled. It is unlikely anyone has ever dared to exhibit the boldness of this author in reminding us of what believers had in the first seventeen years and of the fact that today does not resemble any of those ancient days. This book is not typical evangelical literature. It is revolutionary literature by a committed revolutionist.

Want to continue beyond the first seventeen years, 30-47? Check the website, as to what happened next.

This book can be downloaded, FREE. Click on Revolution.

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